Junior Faculty Consortium

The ICIS 2024 Junior Faculty Consortium (JFC) will focus on research, teaching, and service activities, including how to achieve balance in these activities and navigate the challenges of academia.

In addition to senior faculty mentors, the JFC will host approximately 40 in-person junior faculty. A major focus of the JFC is to allow junior faculty to interact with respected, experienced senior faculty leaders, and administrators. In addition to facilitating interaction between junior and senior faculty, the topics and exercises during the JFC Camp will be organized to allow the senior faculty leaders to provide inputs on key lessons learned from their own careers. This input can help shape, focus, and inform discussions of critical issues to junior faculty.

The program will consist of a series of interactive activities combined with small group discussions with senior faculty members about how to achieve goals and expectations, break through barriers, and deal with unexpected challenges, as well as how to balance goals and expectations with personal lives, and how to find mentorship and guidance along the way. There will also be two panel sessions (promotion and tenure; Senior Editors and Editors in Chief). The JFC tentative schedule is available below.

The main goal of the JFC is to offer all participants insights into the academic career that can help them be valuable, marketable, and successful in their career from their own perspective, and that of their university and the academy.  Prospective participants will be required to apply for participation. Criteria for participation in the JFC will include faculty who:

  1. Have a completed Ph.D.;
  2. Are an untenured faculty in an academic position in the Fall of 2024; and,
  3. Have registered for the conference as an AIS member.

Working lunch and refreshment breaks will be provided.

Junior Faculty Consortium:
December 15, 2024
08:00 – 16:00 local time

Application Deadline:
October 4

Notification of Acceptance:
October 25


Application Deadline October 4, 2024
Notification of Acceptance October 25, 2024
Junior Faculty Consortium December 15, 2024 | 08:00 to 16:00 local time


Lunch, refreshments and snacks are provided at the JFC. There is a $75* registration fee to participate in the JFC in Bangkok.

*Subject to change.

Application Process and Deadline

Please submit your application here:  Application Link. The form will ask for you to include a short description of how you meet the above-mentioned criteria.

The deadline for application is October 4, 2024.

Accepted participants will be notified by October 25, 2024.

The JFC will be held on Sunday December 15, 2024 from 08:00 to 16:00 local time.

Mentors and Facilitators:

France Bélanger, Virginia Tech Fiona Nah, City University of Hong Kong
Andrew Burton-Jones, The University of Queensland Suprateek Sarker , University of Virginia
Panos Constandininos, The University of Manchester Barney Tan, University of New South Wales
Robert E. Crossler, Washington State University Felix Tan, University of New South Wales
Alan Dennis, Indiana University Craig Van Slyke, Louisiana Tech University
Andreas Eckhardt, Universität Innsbruck Shirish Srivastava, HEC Paris
Sam Fosso-Wamba, Toulouse Business School Ryan Wright, University of Virginia
Paul B. Lowry, Virginia Tech


France Belanger
Virginia Tech

Robert Crossler
Washington State University – Pullman

Andreas Eckhardt
University of Innsbruck