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The Discipline of Business Information Systems is internationally recognised for our innovative approaches to high-impact research, industry engagement and analytical thinking in the field of digital business. We are dedicated to developing collaborations with the business community through qualitative, engaged research approaches to a wide range of phenomena of organising with digital technology. Our work with industry partners extends from short-term engagements such as workshops and events to consulting, directly funded research in partnerships, and larger public-private funded initiatives such as Australian Research Council Linkage Projects. We are known for our influential, analytical thinking on matters of information technology design, implementation, management and use, at the intersection of people, work practices and organisation. Generally, we take a balanced and socio-technical view of technology with a sensitivity for both new opportunities from digital innovation and transformation for individuals, business and society, as well in relation to matters of individual privacy, agency and freedom, market disruptions, or power and inequality in organisations and society.