About Bangkok

Bangkok is Thailand’s capital city and trading centre, situated beside the Chao Phraya River. It is popular for its magnificent palaces, skyscrapers, museums and markets that attract tourists worldwide. Also, adventure lovers visit this spot to explore its cultural and historical landmarks.

Event Basics

Here are a few details you may want to know prior to registering for the conference or before traveling to Bangkok, Thailand.

  • Venue

    ICIS 2024 will be hosted at Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park.

  • Language

    While the official Thai language is widely spoken throughout Thailand, many Thais also speak and understand English, though more so in Bangkok and the major tourist areas.

  • Weather

    In December, Bangkok’s daily high temperature is in the high 80°F / 27°C and lows in the high 60°F / 16°C. Please be sure to check the weather prior to traveling. Visit for average temperatures.

  • Time

    ICT / UTC+7

  • Electricity

    Electrical outlets in Thailand are charged to 220v at 50 cycles per second, which is compatible with appliances from the U.K. but not those from the US and many other nations. While most computer cables have adaptors for voltage, visitors from the U.S. and those not on the 220/50 v. will have to bring adapters to run most other appliances. Outlets in Thailand generally feature flat, two pronged plugs, though some feature holes for round plug ends. Few outlets feature three holes (grounded outlets) so it is often necessary to have a three to two prong adapter for using notebook computers in Thailand.

  • Attire

    Attire at ICIS 2024 is business casual.

    Western clothing is very common. Modest clothing is recommended. General dress is informal but always neat and clean. Clothing should be stylish and cool.

  • Emergencies

    Tourism Police – 1155 | Police – 191 | Ambulance – 1669

Cultural Nuances

Information Coming Soon. Please visit periodically.


To help you with your travel arrangements, below are links to important information regarding visa invitation letters, visas, and other resources.

  • Visa Invitation Letters

    Once the conference registration form opens you may complete your conference registration, and then complete the Invitation Letter Request Form. After completing both, please email the completed request form to the AIS Registrar at

    Please Note: Prior to receiving a letter of invitation you will need to complete and pay for your conference registration. As Visa requests can take several weeks, registrants are strongly encouraged to apply for the Letter of Invitation no later than two months prior to the conference.

  • On Arrival at Thailand Immigration and Customs

    Upon arrival in Thailand, foreign citizens must hold a valid Passport with at least six months validity, a valid Thai visa, and proof on onward Travel. However, visitors from ASEAN or Western countries, including most European, Commonwealth, and North American citizens, are not required to have a Thai visa for visits less than 30 days in Thailand. They will be granted access through Thailand immigration with a 30 Thai visa

    waiver, provided upon arrival. After such time, a Thai visa extension from an immigration office or a Thailand visa from an embassy or consulate outside of Thailand is required. Immigration policies are subject to change: check with a Thai Embassy or The Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( for the latest information. For information on Thailand’s entry and exit policies and procedures, visit: – – – Visit your local Thai Embassy’s website.